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Mitchell at Slamfest 2016

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Slamfest 2016 (Sat April 16) 1042

Mitchell has been going to Slamfest the past few years, and this year he took Jared along to introduce him to watching a good ol’ smackdown demo derby from the best seats in the house. The only way to see it closer would be sitting in a demo car… um, no thanks! After the racin’ & wreckin’ the boys got to watch the fireworks show right down on the surface where the cars had just finished competing. Pretty cool. Mitchell has been a fan of noted stuntman Mr. Dizzy for some time and always looks forward to seeing him run the Slamfest show (which usually involves Mr. Dizzy crashing or dropping or exploding) and I know Mitchell liked being able to introduce Jared to his daredevil buddy. I’m pretty sure both boys had a great time.

Photos from the demo derby can be seen on the Inside Track Slamfest page

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