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Model show at Museum of Flight (Feb. 14, 2016)

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NW Scale Modelers show (Feb 14, 2016) MoF 7904

Steve and uncle Will went to the Museum of Flight to see the Northwest Scale Modelers show and take a look through the museum. The show featured a special tribute to Boeing’s history and included many models of the B-17 Flying Fortress. We also saw a very nice model of a Stratocruiser (the passenger version based on Boeing’s B-29) that was in Pan American livery. Granddad Stedman was head chef for Pan Am during the era of the Stratocruiser (or Strato-‘Clippers’ as the Pan Am family referred to them), and we also saw in the Red Barn several dining menus that he would have prepared during his tenure, including the menu for President Nixon during his trip to China in the early ’70s.

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