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Ft. Worden campout

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Ft Wordon March 2015 (45) 0273

Mitchell and the scouts from Troop 598 spent the weekend at Ft. Worden. The weekend started off pretty wet as the Troop set up tents and a complex rope-and-tarp cover for the picnic tables and one of the tents. Mitchell got to see some sea otters fairly close on the dock, before taking part in a 2-hour service project clearing Scotch broom plants from the park. He also knocked off some rope-tying skills toward his First Class rank requirements.

Mitchell’s patrol banged out some omelettes-in-a-bag for breakfast while Steve cooked cheesy eggs and ham over the campfire for the adult group.

After the campout had officially broken up later Sunday morning, Mitchell and a few of the boys headed down to the gun batteries to play some hide-and-seek. The tide was so low that some tide pools were exposed much farther than usual, so naturally we had to check them out.

Lunch was with a few other scouts in Poulsbo, and Mitchell and Steve stayed in town long enough to check out the Poulsbo Aquarium before calling the weekend done and heading home.

More photos of the campout can be found here.

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