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Aquarium of the Pacific

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Aquarium of the Pacific (Long Beach CA) 9056

On the final day of our family trip to Disneyland, we zipped out to Long Beach to check out the Aquarium of the Pacific. Plenty of great things to see there, including a three story wall of glass with some of the giants of the deep. The kids enjoyed touching the anemone, sea urchins and jellyfish. Outside they also touched some rays that reached up out of the water to greet them. The lorikeet feeding experience also was very exciting. In the shark tank,¬†Mitchell liked the huge saw fish– it was quite a bit larger that the one he saw in the aquarium at Baltimore. In that same tank was a giant ray i estimate had the same footprint as a Volkswagen Beetle. Amazing. McKenzie liked the sea turtles and massive fish schools. In one tank a large eel came out to get a better look at Mitchell. In the puffin exhibit one of the birds had gone all crazy loco and was putting on quite a splash. The divers were out in force and one made sure to pose with the kids — nice touch. Anyway, the photos can tell more about our visit.

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